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A New Choice for Retirement Savings


Registration is open for all eligible employers. Register today to begin facilitating the program so your employees can start saving for the future.


Make the dream of saving for retirement a reality today.

Invest in Your Future

Illinois Secure Choice is a state-facilitated retirement program that makes it easy to save for retirement. Since it launched in 2018, the program has brought retirement savings access to workers in every county across Illinois. Not only is Illinois Secure Choice open to employees who work for an eligible employer, the program is available to anyone who wants to enroll on their own and start saving. Beginning in 2022, the program will cover all employers with five or more employees. Small businesses can register now and not wait for their deadline.

Employer registration deadlines

State law now requires every Illinois employer with five or more employees to offer their own retirement program or facilitate Secure Choice. Program deadlines are based on employer size but there is no need to wait, you can register with the program today! Employers who do not meet their required deadlines may be subject to enforcement, including financial penalties.

25+ Employees

Register today to avoid financial penalties.

16-24 Employees

Register today to avoid financial penalties.

5-15 Employees
NOVEMBER 1, 2023

Registration is open

*Employers who do not comply with the Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program Act will be subject to fines and penalties as described in 820 ILCS 80/85. Enforcement for select non-compliant employers with 25 or more employees will begin in 2023.

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